Gravity Forms Tabindex Not Working

Is your gravity forms having tabindex issues? Depending upon the other tabindexes on your site, you may need to change the starting tabindex of your forms in order for them to work correctly. The tabindex order is what the browser looks for when you hit the tab key, wanting to move to the next field. There are 2 main ways to accomplish this in gravity forms:

1) If you’re placing the shortcode embed code into WordPress somewhere, simply add the tabindex attribute to your shortcode, with any number higher than the other tabindex on the page. I suggest using something around 1000 or more. So your shortcode may look like this:

{gravityform id="1" name="Form Name" title="false" description="false" tabindex="1000"}

2) If you have too many forms to go through each one, or are they embedded a different way (for example a function), you can use a great snippet of code written by gravitywiz. They have great snippets of code for all kinds of things to fix errors with gravity forms.


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