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How to Send Text Messages With Twilio

Recently I had a chance to work with the twilio API, and let me tell you; it’s quite confusing. Twilio is a service that allows you to send an SMS message with PHP, or other popular programming languages. They have a quick-start guide on GitHub that gives you a quick-start code sample. All of their samples work,

Is It Possible To Integrate CakePHP and WordPress WooCommerce?

Absolutely! WooCommerce is a plugin built for the WordPress CMS (Content Management System). However, a client had an existing website built on the CakePHP framework, so we wanted to only take advantage of the e-commerce power of WooCommerce. Since we needed WordPress to power WooCommerce, this tutorial will provide instructions on WordPress core files to

Is It Possible To Integrate CakePHP and Magento?

Absolutely! Magento is built as an e-commerce shopping cart solution first, and a CMS (Content Management System) second. A client wanted to keep their existing CakePHP website, and take advantage of the power of the Magento shopping cart. This tutorial will help you if you want to use some elements of Magento such as a